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If you already have a Raspberry Pi but have no idea how to use it, this learning kit will help a lot. This Ultimate Starter kit is designed for the beginners of the Raspberry Pi hobbyists, equipped with some basic components of the Raspberry Pi including the TF card, the power cord, breadboard without soldering, the colorful jumper wires, the RAB Holder for holding the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and breadboard, some resistors, LEDs and buttons. This kit makes it possible for you to learn Raspberry Pi from scratch.

Through this kit, you will learn the basics of using a Raspberry Pi, including how to burn a system onto the Raspberry Pi and connect it to the Internet, how to open a Bash shell and what GPIO is. After knowing these, you will be ready to learn programming. Then we can start several basic experiments which involve programming basics from pin definition to code flows to let you know how to write the code for a simple experiment step by step. In addition, you can explore the extension lessons at the end to master writing the code.

This kit would be a genuine starter kit for you to learn Raspberry Pi and program. Just study the basic knowledge we provide for you in this guide and do the experiments following the instructions. After finishing all these, you can try to carry out more complicated projects like robots, development kits, drones, etc. Welcome to post your achievements on our FORUM and share with all hobbyists your creations. Let’s get started!