1. Introduction

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1.1      Overview

Rollbot kit is a very interesting and suitable learning tool for Arduino and robot hobbyist. It has simple structure and runs PCB as the main structure of the robot. As it is based on the Arduino platform, we can learn programming from easy to difficult so as to achieve the control of the robot. With the help of the mobile APP, we can play different games similar to the Chinese aeroplane chess, Ludo and Monopoly with friends!

This funny mini robot is composed of an integrated PCB, two driving wheels and a universal wheel. It is charged by a rechargeable Li-ion battery and compatible with the Arduino board. Accessories include an OLED screen and an infrared sensor module. In addition, the cute insect-shaped integrated board contains the control of the N20 gear motor, the OLED screen and buzzer, as well as a Bluetooth module. This kit is also equipped with a battery charger and a simple but delicate map for you to play the game via the line following function. By downloading and installing the mobile app Rollman, you can play the dice game (similar to the Chinese aeroplane chess or the Monopoly). What’s more interesting is that you can DIY the clothes of the Rollbot and even DIY the steps it goes on the map by programming. Use your brain and enjoy the fun!