4.2 Exp2: Turning

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Game Instruction

This game is to make Rollman turn left and right by controlling the two motors’ rotation direction. The time and the speed of turning can be adjusted via programming.

Experimental steps

  1. Connect the two motors to port M1 and M2 of the mainboard respectively with the connecting lines. Similar to the wring in the last experiment, M1 is connected to the left motor and M2 to the right one. Plug the power source into P1 to guarantee sufficient power.
  • Upload Exp2_Rollman_Turn.ino under Rollman\Arduino Code\Exp2_Rollman_Turn to the Rollman.
  • Remove the USB cable, switch on the power. Rollman will turn left for 5 seconds and then right for 5 seconds circularly according to the program.


The time Rollman needs to turn 90°, 180° and 360° can be tested by controlling the time of Rollman’s turning.

After experiencing the Exp1 and Exp2, we will try some more interesting games with more modules. Let’s get started!