4.5Exp5: Hand Tracking

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Game Instruction

The game of hand tracking is a typical application of obstacle avoidance. Rollman moves by following your hand. It is to use the hand as an obstacle and compare the distance towards it detected by the ultrasonic module and the one as set to make Rollman take steps accordingly.

This game shares the same module and wiring with Exp4, so after uploading the program we can play the hand tracking game directly after the last experiment. Let’s get started!

Experimental steps

  1. Upload Exp5_Rollman_Handtracking.ino under Rollman\ Arduino Code\Exp5_Rollman_Handtracking to the Rollman.
  • Remove the USB cable, switch on the power. Rollman will read the distance to your hand detected by the ultrasonic module and compare it with the distance set in the program. If the distance gap is within 20-40mm, Rollman will go forward. If 0-20 mm, it will go backward. Otherwise, Rollman cannot track your hand and will stop.


It is so smart of you to set the program like making Rollman turn left for 90 degrees when it approaches your hand too closely and then turn right for 90 degrees to avoid bumping into your hand. So, are you looking forward to a naughty Rollman? Have a try!