4.7Exp7: Running a Maze

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Game instruction

This game shares same module and wiring with Exp4, so after uploading the program you can start this maze game.

The experiment is an advanced version of line following. Some steps are a bit more difficult than the normal version. For example, quarter turn, fork, cross, and turning back etc. Rollman can tell its position and act accordingly through distinguishing the black line and white surfaces. Now let us check the details.

Guide Card (included)         Maze Map (not included)

Experimental Steps

  1. Upload Exp7_Rollman_LineFollowing_maze.ino under Rollman\Arduino Code\Exp7_Rollman_LineFollowing_maze to the Rollman.
  • Remove the USB cable, switch on the power. Place the map (not included in the kit) on the flat floor. You can also use a black electrical tape to construct a curved path on a paper (you can refer to the paths we provided for you in the card).


In the first try, Rollman can remember the route and be capable of analyzing it. For the second time, it can take a shortcut and directly run the right way in the maze. Cool!