4. Assembly

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You can see the general assembling procedures through the exploded view. On the whole, the assembling is easy.

4.1 Main Board + N20 Gear Motors

4.2 N20 Gear Motors + Wheels

4.3 Main Board + Universal Wheel

4.4 Main Board + Battery

4.5 Main Board + Infrared Sensor

4.6 Main Board + OLED Screen

4.7 Rollbot + Covers

The covers in the kit are provided for decoration. You can choose to assemble them or not. Here we will show you how to assemble. 

4.8 DIY Covers

The cute bee cover is provided in the kit. You can dress your Rollbot up to make it more adorable.

You can use the double-sided tape to stick the fruit and flower covers on the OLED screen of the Rollbot. It’ll just feel like the bee is carry an apple, a watermelon (hmm, seems too heavy, LOL…), or a blossoming flower. The Rollbot wearing the covers would seem most fit when running on the forest map included in the kit. Just give it a try! 

Pretty cute, right?

What makes it more interesting is the DIY part – You can design different “clothes” for the Rollbot and welcome to share on our websitewww.sunfounder.com/.