6. Hardware Introduction

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6.1          Overview

The schematic diagram is mainly shown for several modules: main control, boost/step-up convertor, power selector, USB interface, motor driver, buzzer, LED indicator, signal collection, OLED display, and Bluetooth.

6.2         Main Control Module

Pin A0, A1, A2, A3, &A7: Connect the infrared sensor module. Apply PID algorithm to achieve the line following function of the robot by distinguishing the black and white surfaces.

Pin SCL & SDA: Simulates the intensity of black lines by the sensor and display it on the OLED screen, thus enabling debugging with the OLED screen.

Pin D4, D7, D5, & D6: Pin D4 and D5 for the control of the left motor’s direction and speed, when Pin D7 and D6 for the motor on the right.

Pin A6: Read its AD value so as to tell the battery power in a real-time manner.

Pin D9: Output certain frequencies to control the buzzer beeping to play some music.

Pin D10: Read the high and low level of the pin to judge whether the button has been pressed or not, so as to control the start of the robot.

Other Controls

These are the major control of the Rollbot. Please check the circuit diagrams below by module names in different colors. 

6.3          USB Interface Module

6.4          LED Indicator Module

6.5          OLED Display Module

6.6          Bluetooth Module

The Bluetooth module ELET114A enables communication with the mobile phone. You can control the robot’s going forward and backward and left- and right-turning with the APP.

For more information about the circuit diagram of the rest modules, please refer to the WIKI page on our official websitewww.sunfounder.com.