8. Appendix: FAQ

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Q1. In the line following, I’ve uploaded the program to the board and then unplug the cable, but the Rollbot does not move.

A: 1) Check whether you’ve switched on the power of the robot.

2) Check whether you’ve pressed the start button.

3) Pressing the start button for enough long time.

4) Check whether the IR sensor module is installed well.

Q2. The Rollbot runs on the map randomly and not following the black line.

A: 1) Check whether you’ve changed the value of Speed_Dir right before uploading the program. Please refer to 5.3 Motor Testing.

2) If the robot keeps spinning itself, check whether the wire of one motor is loose.

Q3. Why can I control the car in the app on my phone?

A: 1) Check whether the Bluetooth on your mobile is enabled.

2) You need to tap Select devices and choose the device (Bluetooth name of the robot) correctly and hit Connect.

3) Check whether the Bluetooth switch on the Rollbot is turned on (see the Gameplay chapter).

Q4. I drew a map myself but the Rollbot just cannot follow the line on it.

A: 1) Check whether the line is wide enough. Please follow the instructions on the guide card.

2) Use black Marker pens for good performance.