Adjust the Servo to 90 Degrees

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After reboot, type in the command:


pi@raspberrypi:~ $picarUsage:  picar [Command] [value]Commands:  servo-install                Set 16 channel servos to 90 degree for installation  front-wheel-test [chn]       Test the steering servo connect to chn, chn default 0  rear-wheel-test              Test the rear wheel

You can see three commands here.

The first one servo-install is for servo adjustment, which is used after the front wheels are assembled. The servo will rotate to 90 degrees after this command is run, so we will use this command here.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $picar servo-installpi@raspberrypi:~ $

Now the servo may or may not make noises to rotates to 90 degrees. Script will end almost immediately, but all servos will keep at 90 degrees. You can continue the rest assembly.

Warning: After power is on, a short circuit may happen because the exposed contacts of the PCB may be touched by conductive objects like screw or screwdriver. If it occurs, please remove the conductor immediately or unplug the power as quickly as you can.