Adjust the Servo

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1)    Connect the servo to the pin 2 of the sensor shield, and the wiring should be as shown below:

2)    Connect the SunFounder Uno board to your computer via a USB cable. Open the file Car_1_Forward.ino under the path Smart Car V2.0 for Arduino\Code\Car_1_Forward. Before uploading the sketch to the board, you need to select the right Board and Port through Tools -> Board -> Arduino/Genuino Uno.

3)    Then click to Tools -> Port -> COM5 (your port may be different)

4)    Click the Upload icon. The code is uploaded successfully when you are prompted “Done Upload” at the bottom.

5)    After uploading the code successfully, you can hear a sound of the gear moving when the servo rotates. It means the adjustment succeeds. DO NOT plug out the servo wire yet. Keep it power on, and let’s move on to the next step.