Appendix: Page Introduction

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Tool Bar

Some basic functions available for the product are displayed on Tool Bar.

Note: Compared with other products, Raspberry Pi reflects its uniqueness by the application of IoT.

  1. IoT Control: Click this icon to go to the IoT Control page in which you can execute operation of sensor monitoring and apply IoT. Refer to the introduction of IoT Control page for more details.
  2. Remote Control: When this icon is pressed, you can enter the Remote Control page so as to add virtual controls to the project to control the device remotely. Refer to the introduction of IoT Control page for more details.
  3. Bluetooth Connection: This operation ought to be executed before flashing code.

IoT Control Page

IoT Control page contains Sensors/Actuators, Add button, Debug Monitor and Menu Bar. To add Sensors and Actuators, we should click on the Add button. In addition, when we press the Run button on the top of the page, we can control relevant components and notice the data of sensor are changing.

Remote Control Page

In some projects, we control the components by the remote controller on the Ezblock Studio. Create some virtual control components to the right area in order to add something to the project.

Menu Bar

On many pages, you can see the similar Bar as shown, with which you can log into your account conveniently.

Debug Monitor

You can open or close the window of Debug Monitor by clicking this button marked.


You can find FAQ, Contact Us, Tutorials, and About Us after clicking the question mark.


By clicking the Account icon as marked in the previous picture, you can go to the following page on which you can log into or log out your account.


To execute more operation, press the button as shown so as to get the list in which you can see these options, including New project, Save and so on.

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