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The problem of Bluetooth connection

After using software mu of programming software python in micro:bit, it may false the function of Bluetooth download program. What you need to do is to program on makecode, then download hex file to send to the disc of micro:bit by USB, thus the Bluetooth transmission can be used again. Do not support python code

Micro:bit visual programming program compile is encouraged to be used, surely, you can also use Javascript. There still has no Python package in sloth:bit by this moment. Battery

There are different types 9V battery, because carbonzinc battery can’t supply high current thus not suitable for robot. If you use this kind of battery may cause the servo shake if the robot is doing actions.

Voice sensor environmental thresholds

Voice sensor is to return different voltage by means of receiving sounds on cellphone. If the surrounding is too noisy, you need to increase the threshold value of sensors. Print out the received voice value by serial write and then set the threshold value higher than surrounding noise according to returned receive values. When using the serial port, connect micro:bit with computer by USB.

Abnormal of robot actions

If the robot can’t be startup, please check:

1. Whether the power is on, it must be on.

2. Whether the battery is full. C heck by multimeter, if less than 7.5V, it means the battery is low.

3. Whether the micro:bit board is plugged in reverse side, the LED should toward IR transmitting valve.

4. Whether the micro:bit board had downloaded program. If not, download the program again.  

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