Arming the Car!

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A car without sensor modules is unarmed just like a man without sight and hearing, thus he has no feeling for the surrounding environment. So what we are going to do is arm the car, allowing it to detect the surroundings. Now let’s turn the PiCar into the PiCar-S.

What exactly is the PiCar-S? ——- We arm the PiCar with some sensors, which endow the car with the ability to collect and process the data. The sensor modules to the PiCar is what the cartridges to the game console; they are added to the basic design of the game and thus richening the play. It’s also similar to the code. The processor will use SunFounder_PiCar to drive the car’s movement, and call the corresponding code package for different modules (SunFounder_Light_FollowerSunFounder_Line_FollowerSunFounder_Ultrasonic_Avoidance).

Assemble the desired sensor module according to the wiring in corresponding module instructions below. Have fun with The Transformer!