Assemble the robot

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Before assembling, it is recommended to check whether the servo is normal. If there exist any problems, you are welcomed to contact with us to change. Do as the previous chapter to download and burn the test program into micro:bit.

Afterwards, insert micro:bit into the long slot of the driver PCB. Note the direction, if insert in reverse direction, the micro:bit will not power on.

Assemble the battery. Prior to inserting battery, please ensure the battery type is not carbon-zinc type. When assembling, note the pin header in case of scratching your hands.

Take out the servos from package:

Then connect servos with drive board. Insert the yellow line of servo into the yellow pin and red into red, brown into brown. Power on to check whether all the servos can rotate normally.

If the servo is normal, then unplug servos and take out battery and micro:bit to continue the assembling of sloth:bit.

Do as shown in the following picture to assemble the acrylic parts:

Take out all the acrylic parts and take off the protective paper carefully.

Note the edge of these parts in case of incised wound. Because these acrylic plates are cutting, there may exist sharp edges cut your finger, so be careful.

Now assemble the rocker arms of servos. 

Take out two Acrylic B and Rocker arm B,assemble them with M1.2*4 screw.

Take out two Acrylic C1 and Rocker arm A, assemble them with M1.2*4 screw.

Now we will assemble the robot from down to up. 

First is the two feet. The parts used here are E, D1 and D2. Fix part E and D1 by M3*10 cap screw and M3 nut.

It looks as shown below after assembling.

Fix part E and D2 by M3*10 cap screw and M3 nut.

After assembling, it looks as shown in the picture.

Afterwards, insert the hollow rivet into the D2 as shown below.

Insert servo into the feet parts as shown below. When assembling, note the servos direction, the servo cable direction is at the same side with the edge of feet.

Fix servos by M2*8 screw and M2 nut.

When the left foot assembled already, it looks as shown in the following picture.

Congratulation! You have assembled the left foot successfully. Now, you can assemble the right foot mirrored. Put the two feet together, it should looks as shown in the picture below. If you find there are two left feet or two right, the reason should be that part E is on the reverse side, you need to flip it to the other side.

Then assemble body part of the robot, that is electric circuit and combining between body and feet. Because there are servos in the robot, thus in the following assembly, power on to calibrate is smoother.

Please follow the processes as shown below. 

Assemble two servos into two parts A, note the servo assembling direction. The side of long hole of part A is the front side, the direction of servo cable face to the side of the arrows.

Fix servos, then assemble them by M2*8 screw and M2 nut.

Then insert the support copper post into the acrylic board and assembled by M3 copper standoff and M3 nut.

Assemble the drive circuit board as shown in the picture. When assembling, note the direction of the drive board. The IR should be toward the front side of part A.

Then fix the circuit board by four M3*6 screws.

Insert the micro:bit into the slot of circuit board. Note the direction of micro:bit control board. The LED matrix side should be toward the front.

Install the battery now. When installing the battery, be careful of the pin in case of scraping your finger.

Combine the four servo cables with the interfaces of servo and drive board. The orange lines in the picture below are the way recommended to twine.

Download a stand still program into micro:bit.

Power on it, if combining the servo well, it will stop at the angle of 90. When installing rocker arms, the servo need to be stop at the angle, so, keep the robot power on is necessary. Next, assemble the part between leg and foot as shown below and assemble by M3*8 screw and M3 nut.

Combine the leg and foot part with leg servo. Assemble the rocker arm with servo. Assemble the rocker arm in the angle as shown below. There may exist a little deviation between servo and rocker arm when assembling finishes.

Fix rocker arm by rocker arm screw.

Assemble the bearing with hollow rivet, then combining with acrylic plates.

This is what looks after assembling.

Combine the assemble parts together. When assembling, it’s better to distinguish left and right foot clearly, also the front and back side of the foot. One of the rocker arm need to face the front side of part

A. As assembling before, the foot and the front side of part A should be in 90 degree.

After the rocker arm and servo gear are combined, power off the robot. Now rotate the feet, there will appear the screw hole of rocker arm. Fasten the rocker arm screw and fix the leg.

Assemble the other foot at the same way. Note: when assembling the rocker arm gear, power it on and keep the servo gear at the angle of 90. After assembling, power the robot on and the picture below is what is looks if stand still. If your robot stands not straight, maybe you need to repeat the processes of assembling rocker arms.

When all the processes are finishing, you need to clean the servo lines and fix by ribbon.

Then paste the two feet with mats: