Assembly 3.1 Rotating Screw & Rotating Nut

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Below is the exploded view for the Rollman for line following and obstacle avoidance in an intelligent way. For light tracking, you can refer to the details later. They share the basic structure.

Note: Please follow the instructions step by step to avoid repeated operations.

3.1 Rotating Screw & Rotating Nut

There are two kinds of rotating screws and nuts in this kit, which are different in length and icon on the cap as shown below. Please use the screw and nut in set.

3.2 Wiring

  1. M1: Left Motor; M2 : Right Motor
  2. P1: Power; USB: Serial Port
  3. SA: Power Switch
  4. S1: Bluetooth module with RJ11 cable.
  5. S2: Ultrasonic module or photosensitive module with RJ11 cable.
  6. S3: Line follower module with RJ11 cable

Note: When all steps above are done, connect the mainboard to your computer with a USB type-C cable to upload the program, and make sure the Power Switch SA is ON.