Build the Rest of the Car

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Connect the Steering Linkage and the rocker arm. Make sure the rocker arm is in an angle as shown below. If there is just a littile deviation from the right position of the rocker arm, it can be fine tuned by software. Try to spin the arm on the shaft. If it’s unmovable, it means the servo is adjusted to 90 degrees. But if it spins, check whether the wiring is correct. Besides, the screw is quite sharp at the end, so be careful to assemble in case of getting hurt.

If everything is OK, take out the Rocker Arm Fixing Screw to connect them as shown below.

Take out the assembled front wheels and the Upper Plate, and mount the wheels onto the Upper Plate carefully: insert one bulge of the Steering Connector at either wheel into the hole on the Steering Linkage plate, and another bulge into the Upper Plate, and similar with the other wheel.

Then put the assembled Front Half Chassis onto the Upper Plate with standoffs aligned with the holes.

Hold them carefully, turn upside down, and fasten the standoffs and the Uppe Plate with four M3x8 screws:

Now, the whole assembly, the wiring and code are all DONE! Congrats! Enjoy the satisfaction and thrill.