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After assembling the sloth:bit, now download program to sloth:bit thus to command the robot do various actions. Maybe the robot is a little strange, the reason should be that there exist some deviations in the gears. You can calibrate by adjustment. The left one is the precise installation one and the right need to be adjusted.

Download adjustment program into micro:bit.

There will display Cali on the LED. After the display, it will come into calibrate mode.

When the LED is blinking, it means to choose the servo that is to be adjusted. A, B is to change between servo, and A+B is to ensure the choice.

After choosing one servo, press A and B at the same time to ensure it, then it will come into adjustment mode. A, B are the values of – and +; A and B is to ensure the choice, then blink to display the corresponding servo and the adjustment value. Remember these values and fill them into the set offset blocks.

A, B for -/+,

A+B for confirm

Choose the numbers of adjustment. Calibrate the sloth:bit as straight as possible.