Components List

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2.1Acrylic Plates


Prior to assembling the Rollarm, you need to remove the residues in the holes of the plates and the stickers on the plates. Here we take the Joint 1 fixing plate for example.

1. Check whether there are some residues in the holes of the acrylic plate.  2. Use a tool with a pointed end to remove the residue.    
3. Make sure that all the residues are cleared. 4. Use the pointed tool to scratch off the sticker on the plate.  

 2.2 Connecting Components

M1.2*4 Self-Tapping Screw 14
M2*8 Screw 8
M2 Nut 8
M3*8 Flat-Head Screw 2
M3*8 Flat-Head Screw 10
M3*10 Screw 18
M3 Nut 20
M7 Thin Nut 4
M3*10*1 Washer 1
M3*10 Aluminum Tube 5
M3*6 Corn Rivet 2
φ3*φ8*4 Band Edge Bearing 3

2.3 Electronic Components

SunFounderServo (9g) 4
Potentiometer Button 4
Button 1
2*18650 Battery Holder 1
SunFounder Mars Board 1
Extension Board 1
SunFounder Potentiometer Module 1
USB Type-C Cable 1
RJ11 Cable 2
Riband (50cm) 1
3M Non-skid Pad 4
Cable Spiral Wrap 2
Cable Clip 2

2.4 Tools

Screw Driver 1

2.5 Self-Provided Components

18650 Battery 2