Download the Code

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We provide two methods for download:

Method 1: Use git clone (Recommended)

Log into Raspberry Pi’s console, just as previously shown.

Change directory to /home/pi                                                    

    cd /home/pi/

Note: cd to change to the intended directory from the current path. Informally, here is to go to the path /home/pi/.

Clone the repository from GitHub

 git clone

The advantage of this method is that, you can update the latest code any time you want, using git pull under the folder.

Method 2Download the code.

Download the source code from our website.

Click LEARN->Get Tutorials, find Super Kit V3.0 for Raspberry Pi and click to download the Super Kit for Raspberry file,  unzip it, and then move the folder to the directory /home/pi/.

This is a simple way to do it.