Experiment 3 IR Remote Control

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Experimental Principle

The IR remote control sends data signals, and the IR receiver module receives data signals. When a button is pressed, a corresponding string instruction will be sent out from the remote controller, and the receiver module would send a signal to turn on the corresponding function once it receives the instruction. For example, press 2, and a string will be sent, thus the car will just go forward because the string means to drive the car to do so in the code.

Experimental Procedures

Connect the SunFounder Uno board to your computer via a USB cable. Upload the sketch under the path Smart Car V2.0 for Arduino\Code\ Car_3_Remote, and then remove the USB cable. Press the button on the switch module.

Press the buttons below, and the car will act accordingly: (just press, no need to hold)

Press a key of the controllerArduino Smart Car will
2Go forward
8Go backward
4Turn left
6Turn Right

Experimental Phenomena