Experiment 5 Hand Tracking

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Experimental Principle

The principle of this experiment is based on ultrasonic distance measurement. The car receives the distance data from the ultrasonic module, and then the program will drive the car to take actions according to the code for different distance ranges.

Experimental Procedures

Connect the SunFounder Uno board to your computer with a USB data cable. Upload the corresponding sketch under path Smart Car V2.0 for Arduino\Code\ Car_5_HandTracking, and then remove the USB cable.

Experimental Phenomena

Turn on the car, keep your hand moving 0 to 10cm in its front, and then the car will move accordingly: looks like you push it, it runs backward when your palm approaches; when your hand is 10 to 25cm ahead, move back from the car and it will move forward. When you take the hand away, it will stop. Note: The car can only move forward or backward, and cannot turn directions in this experiment.