Experiment 7 Using OLED to Display PM2.5 Value

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Description: In this routine, we will let the OLED display values read and operated from dust sensor GP2Y1010AU0F.


SunFounder Uno R3 * 1

0.96 Inch OLED * 1

GP2Y1010AU0F * 1

150 Ohm Resistor * 1

220 UF Capacitor * 1

USB Cable * 1

Jumper Wires

GP2Y1010AU0F Pins Description








First, connect the circuit

SunFounder Uno                  GP2Y1010AU0F                  OLED

5V -------------------------------Vled(150 Ohm resistor)

GND ------------------------------- LED-GND ----------------------- GND

D3 ------------------------------------- LED

GND --------------------------------- S-GND

A1 -------------------------------------- Vo

5V -------------------------------------- Vcc

SCL -------------------------------------------------------------------- SCL

SDA ------------------------------------------------------------------- SDA

3.3V ------------------------------------------------------------------- VCC

Connect a 150 Ohm resistor to pin Vled of GP2Y1010AU0F and then connect it to pin 5v of SunFounder Uno, meanwhile, connect the other end of pin Vled to the positive pole of 220UF capacitor and connect the negative pole of the capacitor to GND.

Second, program (please go to our official website www.sunfounder.com to download the example code by clicking LEARN -> Get Tutorials)

Third, compile the program

Fourth, burn the program into SunFounder Uno R3 board

If everything goes well, you will see PM2.5 values displaying on the OLED. The physical diagram is shown as figure 27: