Experiment 8 Using OLED to Display Air Pressure and Elevation

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Description: In this routine, we will let OLED display air pressure and elevation values read and operated from air pressure sensor BMP180.


SunFounder Uno R3 * 1

0.96 Inch OLED * 1

BMP180 * 1

USB Cable * 1

Jumper Wires


First, connect the circuit

  SunFounder Uno                     BMP180                      OLED

  SDA -------------------------------- SDA ------------------- SDA

  SCL --------------------------------- SCL -------------------- SCL

  5V ---------------------------------- VIN

  GND -------------------------------- GND ------------------ GND

  3.3V ---------------------------------------------------------- VCC

Second, program (please go to our official website www.sunfounder.com to download the example code by clicking LEARN -> Get Tutorials)

Third, compile the program

Fourth, burn the program into SunFounder Uno R3 board

After all the above steps, air pressure, elevation, temperature information collected by BMP180 will display on the OLED. It will reflect the weather forecast through pictures. The physical diagram is as shown in figure 28: