Experiments 1.App Control

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As we all know, tortoise is a reptile with four feet, so does this quadruped RollFlash. On each leg there are two servos, thus it can complete actions including moving forward and backward, turning left and right, etc. with these eight servos. What’s more, equipped with a Bluetooth module, ultrasonic module, and infrared module, it can be controlled on an Android phone by app, avoid obstacles, and follow lines. Let’s go further into the basic programs and game programs.

5.1App Control

With the application provided, you can control the RollFlash remotely. The cell phone sends out signals which will be received by the robot via the Bluetooth module onside. Then the quadruped makes movements accordingly.

1)  Upload APP.ino under path Rollflash Bionic Robot Turtle for Arduino/Code/ 2. APP to the RollFlash via the USB cable. Turn on the power switch of the Rollflash, and power indicator LED will blink.

2)  Install RollmanAPP.apk under the path Rollflash Bionic Robot Turtle for Arduino/APK/ in a mobile phone (for Android only)

3)  After installing,you will see the icon  on the phone desktop. Tap to open it and the Bluetooth interface of the mobile will pop up, as shown below. Then click searching for the Bluetooth device to find ELET_SPP_ XXXXXX (your number may be different from what’s shown below) to pair. Note: If the matching fails, you cannot use the APP.

4)  Back to RollmanAPP, tap Select Device -> ELET_SPP_ XXXXXX, and then hit Connect.

5)  If the Bluetooth has been connected to the Bluetooth of the mobile successfully. The icon Connect in the App will become connected. The Status LED in the Bluetooth will keep constantly lighting instead of blinking.

Now you can control the RollFlash to go forward, backward, turn left and right just on your phone. Have fun!