Getting Started with Software-nRF24l01

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The nRF24L01 is a single-chip wireless transceiver chip, which is manufactured by NORDIC and works in the 2.4 GHz ~ 2.5 GHz ISM frequency band. The wireless transceiver includes frequency generator, enhanced ShockBurst mode controller, power amplifier, crystal oscillator, modulator and demodulator.

nRF24l01 Test & Remote Control Assembly

  1. Cross the ribbon through the acrylic plate.

The ribbon enables you to easily remove the battery (you can skip this step and plate if you feel unnecessary). Please note that one side of the ribbon should be longer and the other shorter, in the opposite direction (as shown below).

2.Remove the nRF24L01 and SunFounder Nano board for installing the battery holder later. 

3.Connect the following components with two M3*14 countersunk screws and two M3 nuts.

4.Plug SunFounder Nano board and nRF24l01 module into the SunFounder Mobile Robot Remote Controller board.

5.Wire the battery holder to the board. Make sure the power source is wired correctly and the power is kept off.

6.Mount two 18650 batteries (pay attention not to mount them inversely).

Check whether the battery holder and the battery are wired correctly. If everything looks good, switch it on. Then the blue LED on SunFounder Nano board will light up. Keep the power on.

7.Connect the SunFounder Mobile Robot Remote Controller to PC with a USB cable.

8.Upload the following code for the SunFounder Mobile Robot Remote Controller as mentioned previously:

       Transmit.ino under CD\code\2.nrf24l01\Transmit directory.

Remove the USB cable after upload, and keep the power on.

9.Connect the SunFounder Servo Control Board to your PC with a USB cable.

10.Upload the following code to the SunFounder Servo Control Board:

       Receive.ino under the CD\code\2.nrf24l01\Receive directory.

DO NOT remove the USB cable after upload. Open Serial Monitor.

Now, you should see the information received by the nFR24l01 module (on the servo control board) displayed on Serial Monitor.

Turn the sticker. The value displayed on Serial Monitor will change accordingly, which indicates the wireless communication is working.

Now you can remove the USB cable and turn off the power switch.