Installing the Client

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Since you’ve finished the car building, now it’s time to configure the environment for the client. Or you may skip this part and go to the subsequent Web Client for controlling on the webpage.

Environment Configuration

The client is written by Python 3 + PyQt5, so it’s necessary to install the two in your PC.

Python 3 website:

Select the proper version of Python 3 for your PC, and follow the instructions to install.

PyQt5 website:

The installation method is provided:, and the preferred way is installing by pip:

pip3 install pyqt5

For Windows users who are inclined to click Next all the way during the installation, you can try to search out the .exe file: Then you can complete the installation in the same way as other software in Windows.


1. You may need to install python3-pip. If you get the prompt of “pip3 not found”, first

apt-get install python3-pip


pip3 install pyqt5

2. The method of pip3 install pyqt5 only supports the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, 64-bit OS X and 64-bit Linux. If your PC is running on the 32-bit Linux or other systems, you will be prompted that the corresponding version file cannot be found. In this case, please take the second method Building and Installing from Source provided on the PyQt5 download page.

Check whether the installation is successful. Open the Python 3 command line/Python 3 shell after installation, and type in import PyQt5. If there is no error message, then everything is OK:

On Windows, double click on the Python 3.5 , type in import PyQt5, and run:

On Linux and Mac OS X, type in command python3 in the terminal, and import PyQt5 and run

Code Package Download

Open a web browser and go to the Github page of the PiCar-V:

Click Clone or download on the page, and click Download ZIP as shown below.

After download, unzip the file.

Or in Linux, you can download the code package by git clone (recommended):

Install git with software manager:


sudo aptget install git

Fedora/Red Hat:

sudo yum install git

Then clone the code:

git clone

Note: Please pay attention to your typing – if you get the prompt of entering your user name and password, you may have typed wrong. If unluckily you did so, press Ctrl + C to exit and try again.

The code downloaded is the same with that under the server, but the client will only use the file in the client folder.