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This is a bionic robot – Lizard. It is control walking by three servos, the walking shape is imitate Lizard and looks flexible and vivid. Infrared module is equipped, you can control the Lizard walk by the remote controller.

Before using it, you need to assemble according to the tutorial. After assembling and adjusting, you can control it walk by the remote controller.

You can also add other sensors on the Lizard, like obstacles avoiding, line following and so on. There are remaining pins on the sensor shield. You can find the schematic diagram of Sensor Shield at the file of Circuit.

Besides, in order to control the robot in a more simple way, there is a tutorial wrote for the visual programming: How to use Lizard robot with Mixly. Visual programming is a kind of modularize programming software, users do not need to have much basis on programming, but just logic.