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Ezblock Pi IoT Sensor Kit is a powerful kit that is easy to get you started with programming learning. It contains 16 different kinds of sensors, triggers and output modules, with which you can explore the robot world by conducting various experiments.

Ezblock Pi IoT Sensor Kit needs to be applied in combination with Ezblock Studio APP, a mobile IDE designed by SunFounder, which greatly reduces the difficulty of programming in that you only need to drag a few blocks to achieve the required functions.

We offer 20 courses in this document, including 16 tutorials on common I/O modules and four examples on how to use IoT function, which guide you through the most basic functions, including digital input and output, Analog output, PWM output, bluetooth control and IoT. And these knowledge will pave the way for you to implement complex projects.

If you come up with more interesting ideas or get cool functions while you are conducting experiments, you are welcomed to share your findings on our Forum then!