Introduction to the Smart Car V2.0 for Arduino

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The smart car is a great platform for you to get started with robotics. According to the instructions in this manual, you will learn not only how to assemble a robot car but also play the smart car through 6 experiments. After mastering every experiment, you can extend its functions or build your own platform based on our smart car platform.

With the modules and sensors added, the smart car can go forward, go backward, and turn left and right. Besides, it can realize IR remote control, line following, hand tracking, obstacle avoidance, etc. Many boards and sensors are used in this project such as the sensor shield, motor driver module, step-down DC-DC converter module, switch module, ultrasonic ranging module, photosensitive module, obstacle avoidance module, and line follower module. Different modules are used to achieve corresponding functions. And the car is controlled by SunFounder Uno board. Next let’s first check these modules in detail.