Lesson 0 Basic Operation

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In this lesson, we are going to learn the basic operations of the Ezblock Studio.

Go to Production Pages

Go to the home page of Ezblock Studio and click the Products button in the top right corner of the page and then you will enter the product selection page.

Choose Product

Choose the product under Kits category: SensorKit for Pi.

Then select the programming environment, Block.

Create a New Project

Click the New Project button on the left side of main page to create a new project.

Then input the project name.

Programming Page

Next, go to the Programming page. Now we can program by dragging the blocks from Category to Programming Area. Click the icons on Tool Bar and Menu Bar to perform some functions. Please refer to the appendix for details.


Drag out the print block from the Basic category.

Then place it in the Forever block. Here, your first code is finished!

Save Project

Once you’ve written the code, click the menu button in the top right corner and click Save to save the project. If you log in, you code will be saved both on your device  and on cloud. If not, your code will be saved only on your device.

Connect Bluetooth

Click the Bluetooth connection button on the left function area. Then, in device select prompt, choose your device and click on Done; waiting for “ Connected ” to appear.

In case of cross connection between several Raspberry Pi boards, Ezblock Pi decrease its Bluetooth signal strength while it is being connected. You need to put it as close  as possible to your device. As long as they are connected, the signal strength will be normal.

Flash Your Code

After the connection is done, click the Flash button to compile and download the code to the Raspberry Pi.

Debug Monitor

The Debug Monitor on the left is to print strings, values or debug messages.

After your code is flashed, you will see “ abc ” you write on your code, is printing repeatedly. Try to modified the print block, and print everything you want.