Lesson 15 Joystick PS2

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There are five operation directions for joystick PS2: up, down, left, right and press-down.

Required Components

 1 * Raspberry Pi

– 1 * Breadboard

– 1 * PCF8591

– 1 * Joystick PS2 module

– 1 * 5-Pin anti-reverse cable

– Several Jumper wires

Experimental Principle

This module has two analog outputs (corresponding to X and Y coordinates) and one digital output representing whether it is pressed on Z axis.

In this experiment, we connect pin X and Y to the analog input ports of the A/D convertor so as to convert analog quantities into digital ones. Then program on Raspberry Pi to detect the moving direction of the Joystick. The schematic diagram:

Experimental Procedures

Step 1: Build the circuit.

Raspberry PiGPIO Extension BoardPCF8591 Module
Joystick PS2GPIO Extension BoardPCF8591 Module

For C Users:

Step 2: Change directory. 

    cd /home/pi/SunFounder_SensorKit_for_RPi2/C/15_joystick_PS2/

Step 3: Compile.

    gcc joystick_PS2.c -lwiringPi

Step 4: Run.

    sudo ./a.out

For Python Users:

Step 2: Change directory. 

    cd /home/pi/SunFounder_SensorKit_for_RPi2/Python/

Step 3: Run.

    sudo python3 15_joystick_PS2.py

Now push the rocker upwards, and a string “up” will be printed on the screen; push it downwards, and “down” will be printed; if you push it left, “Left” will be printed on; If you push it right, and “Right” will be printed; If you press down the cap, “Button Pressed” will be printed on the screen.