Lesson 30 I2C LCD1602

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LCD1602 is a character type liquid crystal display, which can display 32 (16*2) characters at the same time. It has 16 pins, of which at least 7 would be used each time. You can use a PCF8574 I2C chip to expand I/O ports so only two GPIO ports would be occupied.

Required Components

 1 * Raspberry Pi

– 1 * Breadboard

– 1 * I2C LCD1602

– Several jumper wires

Experimental Principle

In this experiment, I2C is used to configure LCD so that you can control the LCD1602 to display characters. The I2C slave address of I2C LCD1602 here is 0x27.

Experimental Procedures

Step 1: Build the circuit. 

Raspberry PiGPIO Extension BoardI2C LCD1602 Module

Step 2: Setup I2C (see Appendix. If you have set I2C, skip this step.)

For C Users:

Step 3: Change directory. 

    cd /home/pi/SunFounder_SensorKit_for_RPi2/C/30_i2c_lcd1602/

Step 4: Compile.

    gcc i2c_lcd1602.c -lwiringPi

Step 5: Run.

    sudo ./a.out

For Python Users:

Step 3: Change directory. 

    cd /home/pi/SunFounder_SensorKit_for_RPi2/Python/

Step 4: Run.

    sudo python3 30_i2c_lcd1602.py

Now you can see “Greetings! From SunFounder” displayed on the LCD.