Lesson 6 Accelerate backward

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This lesson is to command the Lizard to accelerate backward and stop.


Click the iconon the desktop to open the Mixly and you’ll be on the homepage: 

Click the Lizard category, you’ll see the Backward Speed Module. Click and drag the Backward Speed Module into the coding area:

Click the option in the Backward Speed Module, you will see there are four options that you can choose of the speed. The number from 1 to 4 stand for the four speed threshold. 1 means the slowest speed, and 4 is the fastest one.

Value a number for the times of different backward speed, as shown below, drag the Count with Module from Control contents.

Combine them together, as shown below:

As shown below, the number is 8 now and can be changed by the users’ willingness. This combining module will command the Lizard to move backward at the speed threshold of 1.

Then combine several same modules together and set their speed separately as 2, 3 and 4.

Combine them in the order of their speed from 1 to 4;

Drag the Count with Module from Control contents, combine them with previous modules and change the number to command the code circulate for one time. Then drag the end program Module from the Control contents to combine it to the end of the code and finish the process.

By the time, the procedure had all be finished. This procedure is made of 3 blocks, the Backward Speed Module controls the Lizard forward, and the Count with Module controls the times of forward, end program Module commands the process to be end. When the process is downloaded and operated, the Lizard will move forward for 8 steps in the speed of 1, then move forward for 8 steps in the speed of 2. Every time the Lizard move forward for 8 steps, the speed threshold will plus 1. When the speed reach its maximum, the Lizard will stop.

Connect the Lizard with computer by the USB cable as shown below:

Select the board type: Arduino Nano, and select the serial port for upload:

Select the Port according to your actual situation. (Here just take COM3 as an example).

Upload the program to Lizard: 

Then you can see the Lizard accelerate backward then stop.