Mechanical Assembly & Circuits B

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Uploading Assembly Program

Open Arduino IDE, and then select File -> Preferences.

On the pop-up window, tick the checkbox Display line numbers.

Go to Crawler.ino under CD\code\3.Crawl\Crawler directory.

Modify code Line 32-34 as follows (uncomment the Line 32 #define INSTALL), compile and upload the sketch to the SunFounder Servo Control Board, and then remove the USB cable.

! ! ! Connect all the 12 servos to the SunFounder Servo Control Board, and then turn on the power switch. Now all the servos will rotate and then stay at the center position. Keep the power on and the servos connected.

Upper Plate + Thigh Joint

Note: Through the assembly below, please keep the power ON and the servos CONNECTED. Pay attention to do the assembly GENTLY, and DO NOT rotate the rocker arm forcefully, or the servo may be damaged. You should remove the arm and plug it in again if necessary.