Mechanical Assembly

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1.    Car Assembly

Front Wheels

Note: The acrylic plates next to the bearing in the two wheels are of opposite faces, as shown in the following figure. 

Back Half Chassis + Rear Wheels

Back Half Chassis + Copper Standoffs    

Servo Adjustment

Before installing the servos, we need to adjust them to 90°. But why? The reason is that the servo we used rotates in a range of 0-180°. If the rotating in usage is beyond the allowed range, the servo may burn out. So before assembly, we need to adjust the servo shaft to 90°, and install the servo based on the instructions, ensuring the assembly won’t go beyond limitations.

Method 1

The easiest way is to connect the servo to a Raspberry Pi and PCA9685 PWM driver board, or an Arduino board, and give the servo PWM signals so as to adjust the shaft to 90°. So it’ll be done!

Method 2

There is a tricky way to do this, as the method 1 may be a little troublesome. Follow the tutorial below carefully. It may seem complex, but once you start, you will find it quite simple.

Thus the servo shaft will be in the 90° position. For fine adjustment, just leave it to related code.

At last, remove the rocker arm without moving the shaft. If the shaft moves just a little, it is acceptable. Minor mistaken movement needs no adjustments.

You’re recommended to take all those three servos out from the package for adjustment prior to assembly, so the whole process will be simpler.

Steering Linkage + Servo Rocker Arm

Steering Servo + Upper Plate

Steering Servo + Steering Linkage

Front Chassis + Upper Plate

Upper Plate + Copper Standoffs

Back Chassis + Upper Plate

Battery Holder