Module Assembly

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1.On the MIDDLE plate, we screw 4 M2.5x6mm and 4 M2.5×8+6mm nylon standoff.

We need to notice the assembly direction of parts: the triangle should be at the left of center of the plate and one of the rectangles is in upper left corner of the plate and other is in the bottom right corner of the plate.

2. Put the Raspberry Pi (with three heat sinks attached) on the MIDDLE plate and then screw it with M2.5x11mm Double-pass nylon standoff.

Notice that the SD card faces towards the left of the plate.

3. Screw the NAS HAT module into the Raspberry Pi with 4 M2.5x6mm crews.

4. Place these four M3x13+6mm ny- lon standoffs at bottom of the MID- DLE plate, while put the 4 M3x26 nylon standoffs over the MIDDLE plate. Then screw them all firmly.

5. Assemble the dual fan and FAN-FIXED plate with the M2x12 screws and M2 nuts.

We should let one fan rotate clockwise and the other anticlockwise to help form the back flow of air, so we should note that the assembly direction of these two fans are different.

6. Let dual fan wire up to the power out- put port of the NAS HAT and insert the dual fan into the rectangular slots of the MIDDLE plate.

7. According to the direction notice shown by the picture, put the four button particles into the slots.

Notice the rectangles remarked by blue boxes.

8. Flip the TOP plate. The two fans can be properly assembled in the rectangular slots of the TOP plate.

You can tape the 4 button particles to avoid falling.

9. Fix the TOP plate with four M3x8mm screws.

10. Screw the hard disk and the BOTTOM plate with M3x8mm screws.

The screw holes on both sides of the interior of the BOTTOM plate are not completely symmetrical. Please make a slight comparison before assembly.

11. Fix the BOTTOM plate with M3x8mm screw to complete the NAS-KIT body.

Note that the orientation of the hard disk should be the same as that of USB slot of Raspberry Pi.

12. Connect power cord, hard disk wire and internet wire to the Raspberry Pi 4.