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About SunFounder

SunFounder is a technology company focused on Raspberry Pi and Arduino open source community development. Committed to the promotion of open source culture, we strive to bring the fun of electronics making to people all around the world and enable everyone to be a maker. Our products include learning kits, development boards, robots, sensor modules and development tools. In addition to high quality products, SunFounder also offers video tutorials to help your own project. If you have interest in open source or making something cool, welcome to join us! Visit for more!

About the Kit

The RollbotMicro kit is a very interesting and suitable learning tool for Arduino and robot hobbyists. It has a simple structure and adopts PCB as the main structure. Based on the Arduino platform, we can learn programming from easy to difficult so as to control the robot. With the help of the mobile APP, we can play different games! It can follow lines on a maze map by programming and you can also control it through an Android APP Rollman. In addition, you can play games similar to the Chinese aeroplane chess and Ludo with your friends!

You will enjoy learning how all this work. You may visit our website to download the related code and view the user manual on LEARN -> Get Tutorials and watch related videos under VIDEO, or clone the code on our page of at

You are welcome to pull requests and issue posts on our page on Github.

Free Support

If you have any TECHNICAL questions, add a topic under FORUM section on our website and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

For NON-TECH questions like order and shipment issues, please send an email to You’re also welcomed to share your projects on FORUM.