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About SunFounder

SunFounder is a technology company focused on Raspberry Pi and Arduino open source community development. Committed to the promotion of open source culture, we strive to bring the fun of electronics making to people all around the world and enable everyone to be a maker. Our products include learning kits, development boards, robots, sensor modules and development tools. In addition to high quality products, SunFounder also offers video tutorials to help you build your own project. If you have interest in open source or making something cool, welcome to join us! Visit for more!

About SunFounder EC-Block Analog Kit

EC-Block is an electronic building block product newly released by SunFounder. After years of serving open source electronic hobbyists, we decided to release an easy-to-use product to lower the threshold for the field of open source for numerous hobbyists, so you may experience the fun of open source electronics in a quicker way!

Just like building blocks, EC-Blocks can connect with each other. Each building block has a built-in circuit. These building blocks can be categorized into power supplies, sensors, converters, and outputs by their functions. Each type of building block uses different colors. The name of each block starts with some mark, which represents their types and functions. You can quickly find and recognize a building block with its name. These building blocks are designed for high flexibility. You can build them together as you want regardless of number and type. All the building blocks in this kit are based on analog values, which mean they can output different values or make different reactions.

For higher flexibility and more fun in free combinations, Arduino-based blocks are added. It can be used just like other ordinary Arduino boards and connected with all the blocks in this kit. With different connections and code, you can feel the great charm of Arduino free from complicated wiring.


For more information, visit and click LEARN -> Get Tutorials, and then click SunFounder EC-Block Analog Kit under EC-Block. This page contains all the materials related with this kit. We will update now and then and add new packages according to your comments and suggestions.

Before starting the applications in this manual, you need to download the EC-Block Analog file first.