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1.Obstacle Avoidance example

This is an example program of obstacle avoidance, program according to the picture, then download it into micro:bit.

When the sloth:bit goes forward and detect obstacles in front, then the robot turn left for two times; after turning, if no obstacles in front, the robot will goes forward, and if there has obstacles, the robot will turn left. Obstacle avoidance is realized by infrared, thus if the size of the obstacle is too small or surface is irregular, it may cause the obstacle undetected.

2. Voice example

This is an example program of voice, do as shown in the picture, then download into micro:bit.

When hearing the voice, there will display the expression of surprised and do the action of swinging

for one time; when there has no voice, the robot will not move and display the expression of sleeping. If the surrounding is too noisy, you can enlarge the value of 550 in the on heard over block.