Raspberry Pi GPIO Extension Board

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We apply the GPIO Extension Board to extend the pins of Raspberry Pi to the breadboard and avoid damage caused by frequent plugging and unplugging.

Here, we apply a 40-pin GPIO Extension board and a 40-pin GPIO cable. In case of the potential risk of short circuit, you must build your  circuit in strict accordance with the following picture.

The pins of Raspberry Pi have three kinds of ways to name and they are wiringPi, BCM and Board. Among these naming methods, 40-pin GPIO Extension board uses the naming method, BCM. But for some special pins, such as I2C port and SPI port, they use the Name that comes with themselves. The following table shows us the naming methods of WiringPi, Board and the intrinsic Name of each pin on GPIO Extension board. For example, for the GPIO17, the Board naming method of it is 11, the wiringPi naming method is 0, and the intrinsic naming method of it is GPIO0.
1)In C Language, what is used is the naming method WiringPi.
2)In Python Language, the applied naming methods are Board and BCM, and the function GPIO.setmode() is used to set them.