Software Debugging

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3.1 Download the code

  1. Prior to the project, you need to go to our website on LEARN->Get tutorials->Robot Kit->Rollflash Bionic Robot Turtle for Arduino and download the package:
  1. In the package you can see:

Included are the code for the kit, schematic diagrams of the modules, the app installer for Android phones, driver for Nano board, and the 3D printer file Rollflash.stl for the shell.

  1. For related introduction and assembly videos of the Rollflash Bionic Robot Turtle for Arduino, please click VIDEO-> Robot Kit -> Rollflash Bionic Robot Turtle for Arduino.

3.2 About Arduino

3.2.1 Description

Arduino is an open source platform that applies simple software and hardware. You can get it in a short even when you know little of it. It provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for code editing and compiling, compatible with multiple control boards. So you can just download the Arduino IDE, upload the sketches (i.e. the code files) to the board, and then you can see experimental phenomena. For more information, refer to

3.2.2 Arduino Board – SunFounder Compatible             

Arduino senses the environment by receiving inputs from many sensors, and affects its surroundings by controlling lights, motors, and other actuators.

In this kit, SunFounder Nano board is used.

3.2.3 Install Arduino IDE

The code in this kit is written based on Arduino, so you need to install the IDE first. Skip it if you have done this.

Step1: Go to the website and click Download. On the page, check the software list on the right side under Download the Arduino Software.

Find the one that suits your operation system and click to download. There are two versions of Arduino for Windows: Installer or ZIP file. You’re recommended to download the former.

Step 2: Double click the exe. file and the following window will show up. Click

Click I Agree. The following interface will show up.

Choose Next.

Click Browse to choose the installation path or enter a directory at the Destination Folder.

Click Install.

The following interface will show up. Note: After the installing progress bar goes to the end, the Close button may be enabled for some PC. Just click it to complete the installation.

Then a prompt appears. Select Always trust software for “Adafruit Industries” and click Install.

Select Always trust software for “Arduino srl” and click Install.

After the installation is done, click Close. Then an Arduino icon will appear on the desktop:

3.2.4 Install the Driver

If the driver is not installed, the Nano board will not be able to be recognized by your computer. Therefore, before using it, please install appropriate driver.

For Windows users, run PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1.10.0.exe in the folder Rollflash Bionic Robot Turtle for Arduino.

For Mac users, refer to the folder PL2303_MacOSX_1_6_1_20160309 in the folder Rollflash Bionic Robot Turtle for Arduino.