Software Debugging

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3.1 Installing Arduino IDE

Prepare a computer and download Arduino IDE on its official website or our website:

Double click the .exe file and the following window will show up. Click I Agree.

The following interface will show up. Click Next.

Then on this window:

Click Browse to choose the installation path or directly enter a directory at the Destination Folder. Click Install.           

Click OK.

The following icon will show up on the desktop of your computer.

Prepare a USB Type-C cable (included in the package) as shown:

3.2 Running Ardzuino IDE

Double click the icon to open the Arduino IDE, or the integrated development environment. By default, an empty sketch is opened.

Before compiling and uploading the program into the MCU, select Tools -> Port to select your serial port.

Then click Board -> Arduino/ Genuino/Uno.

After compiling and configuration the program, upload it to the board. Click Upload