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1. Resources of boards

Micro:bit board has many sensors. For more detailed introduction, please refer to official website of micro:bit: http://microbit.org/guide/features/

Light sensor,Temperature sensor,Accelerometer,


These sensors are helpful to make the sloth:bit smarter and complete more interesting programs. For example, you will see the robot is in the state of felling to the ground by means of acceleration sensor. When the robot is felling to the ground, you can stop it and even design the action of standing up again.

2. Set gestures

If these gestures are not enough, you can set new by combine blocks. The program as shown below is to define dance action:

When setting gestures, the most important is to set the values of array on the left, one array for one action. Here dance is designed as three actions, then define a function to combine the three actions together in order and time interval.

3. Pins

Sloth:bit PCB board has several reserved interfaces. It can be extended for more functions and DIY hardware by soldering attached pins inside. The reserved pins interfaces have the functions as shown below: